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Intelligent solutions for all LED airport lighting applications.

Waveguide Lighting is extremely proud to have completed LED lighting installations for most of the UK’s biggest airport operators.

We are even prouder that our low-energy LED solutions have helped each of these airport groups achieve their carbon neutral commitments and gain various accolades for the quality of their lighting.

Our luminaires typically use  70-80% less energy than traditional fittings to not only generate significant energy savings but improve the light quality for customers.

The lack of heat given off by LED lighting allows further energy savings to be made through reduced use of HVAC systems and all lighting can be installed with a variety of intelligent controls which integrate seamlessly into your current building management system.

For example, the TiLite luminaires in Manchester Airport Group’s Terminal Two’s Arrivals Concourse are supplied with bespoke dimming controls that work seamlessly alongside MAG’s Building Management System, which in turn works alongside Air Traffic Control’s technology. This means that they can dim the lights to just 20% when the concourse is empty but automatically switch the lights back on to full when Air Traffic Control indicates that an aircraft has landed.

We have internal and external LED light fittings to replace fluorescents, halogens and metal halides at ceiling heights from 2.5 metres to 20 metres. Our team of experts can also offer a bespoke or retrofit lighting solution for other applications. For example Waveguide Lighting’s LightStar and TiLite ranges are the perfect LED lighting solution for arrivals halls and departure lounges whilst our StarFox fitting and P Lite provide the highest quality of uniformly distributed light to car parks.

All our luminaires require minimal maintenance for a minimum lifetime of 60,000 hours, eradicating the need for costly disruption and offering exceptional light quality and light uniformity.

Please email sales@waveguideligting.co.uk or call our Sales Team on 01942 887400 for further information on our LED Airport Lighting.