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Think all lighting manufacturers are the same? Think again with our Bespoke LED Lighting Solutions.

We don’t just sell lights – what we do is much more important than that. We provide made-to-measure solutions and help every one of our clients achieve the best lit environment possible. And by the way we will typically save you 80% on your energy bills along the way.

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of bespoke LED lighting technology, offering the versatility and responsiveness other manufacturers don’t. We have the in-house capability to create a LED solution for every application.

Our technical team actively listen to our customers to ensure we deliver the exact solution that they have asked for. In fact we pride ourselves on creating unique solutions that meet our customer’s individual requirements and exceed their expectations.

So if you’ve not found what you’re looking for elsewhere, please get in touch and we will work with you to create a unique solution that meets your requirements perfectly.

“Often no-one manufactures the luminaire we want. We’re always finding that there are areas that don’t seem to be covered by the main manufacturers. For example, when we did our car parks we struggled to find a true retrofit replacement for a Low Bay application and we struggled with the flexibility of some of the major manufacturers. As a result we ended up working with local manufacturer Waveguide Lighting as they offered us a bespoke solution. For those niche areas where we struggled, we’ve been quite lucky in that we can now work closely with Waveguide Lighting.They have become an invaluable design outfit that can fill all the important gaps for us.” Andy Sheridan, Services Facilities Manager, Manchester Airport Group

Please email sales@waveguideligting.co.uk or call our Sales Team on 01942 887400 for further information on our bespoke LED lighting solutions.