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Creating the ideal environment for students to flourish.

Studies have shown that good lighting is crucial in creating the best learning environment that is free from distractions.

Our patented LED technology provides the highest quality uniformly distributed light to create the closest light to natural daylight indoors. LED lighting does not produce flicker or hum and PIR sensors and dimming controls can be added to the system to conserve energy.

Our WaveStar and LightStar luminaires offer the perfect solution for high specification classrooms, lecture theatres and conference rooms where glare should be minimal. The luminaires deliver clean, bright light to create the highest levels of uniformed illumination to task or teaching area.

Waveguide’s design team have ensured that the WaveStar’s housing is as aesthetically pleasing as any recessed louvered luminaire on the market whilst also ensuring the LED light engine delivers maximum energy savings and the best lit environment possible. The WaveStar can also be supplied with either a diffused or a prismatic cover.

The WaveStar light engine can similarly be retrofitted into existing Cat 2 direct/indirect recessed luminaire as a direct T5 LED replacement. The light can be delivered in a variety of colours to suit your requirements and is compatible with intelligent controls such as PIR sensors or dimmers to further maximise energy savings.

Waveguide’s applications engineers work with the end user to ensure the lighting scheme we provide is specifically designed around how the teacher and the students use the classroom and ensure that even illumination is given to all teaching surfaces whilst ensuring that energy savings are kept to a maximum.

Our Schools & University LED Lighting systems typically achieve energy savings of 80% and when you consider that lighting is the single largest consumer of energy within an education facility, these savings can really impact the school’s bottom line.

Please email sales@waveguideligting.co.uk or call our Sales Team on 01942 887400 for further information on our Education LED lighting systems.