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Exhibitions & Conferences

Providing energy saving LED lighting to exhibition and conference facilities.

Waveguide Lighting can provide the best solution in terms of budget, energy reduction targets and overall lighting effect for any exhibition or conferencing space.

Our ability to deliver precisely the specific colour, output and light uniformity means we can offer you a bespoke lighting system that fulfills your requirements and the requirements of those who use your venue.

We have internal and external LED light fittings to replace fluorescents, halogens and metal halides at ceiling heights from 2.5 metres to 20 metres. Our team of experts can also offer a bespoke or retrofit lighting solution for other applications – such as your car parking facilities and offices – and can design our fittings in line with your corporate branding.

We typically achieve 70-80% savings on lighting costs in all our installations and slash Co2 emissions by the equivalent amount. Given that lighting accounts for around 80% of the energy costs in any building these saving can be huge. The lack of heat given off by our award-winning lighting allows further energy savings to be made through reduced use of air conditioning systems and we are proud to be working with customers such as Birmingham NEC in their attempts to reduce carbon emissions by 60% by 2050.

“We definitely found the best solution in terms of budget, energy reduction targets and overall lighting effect with Waveguide Lighting. The light colour, output and uniformity is tremendous and all in all I believe we have the right light solution for the NEC.” Andrew Cope, Project Engineer, the NEC Birmingham

Our fully-sealed units do not attract dust or insects making them the most hygienic option for any exhibition or conference setting. Our fittings will run for a minimum of 60,000 hours of continuous use and require minimal maintenance. All lighting can be installed with a variety of intelligent controls which integrate seamlessly into your current building management system.

Please email sales@waveguideligting.co.uk or call our Sales Team on 01942 887400 for further information on our LED Exhibition Lighting & LED conference Lighting solutions.