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Helping fight hospital acquired infection rates with award-winning sealed Healthcare LED lighting units.

Waveguide Lighting’s multi-award-winning TiLite range is providing exceptional lighting to the Healthcare sector and NHS, alongside the newly launched LightStar luminaire.

Both units have been designed to stop dust, bacteria and dead insects from gathering around warm light fittings and spreading deadly superbugs.

The LED’s minimum of 60,000 hour life span (more than seven years at 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year) also eradicates the needs for routine maintenance and bulb replacement which again stops harmful bacteria from being distributed into the atmosphere.

Not only is the NHS saving money on operational costs for routine light maintenance, but both the TiLite and LightStar are unrivalled in light quality and distribution and energy efficiency – offering savings of around 80%.

At a time when the Government has set the NHS tough targets to reduce Co2 emissions, more energy efficient lighting is paramount in saving money and reducing a Trust’s carbon footprint.

Our LEDs provide 4000 kelvin – precisely the colour the NHS requires to provide perfect light quality for examining patients or the cleanliness of the facilities. In rooms for medical attention and in areas where colour inspection take place a colour of at least 4000k (neutral) is specified as it depicts skin pallor at its true colour.

Both units can be supplied with Waveguide’s Nightwatch system which allows the light to be dimmed to just 5% and is effectively “lights out” for patients but allows sufficient light levels for staff to continue to work through the night.

Waveguide also offers a range of solutions designed to meet the requirements of the Mental Health Services environment. All Waveguide Lighting’s products within this environment must be safe for service users, as well as being robust and impact resistant – each product needs to have ligature-resisting features, whilst maintaining a non-institutional appearance and providing a therapeutic environment for service users. The positive physical and psychological attributes of low-glare LED lighting are increasingly being recognised as being beneficial to the wellbeing of patients.

Waveguide Lighting is proud to have worked with many NHS Trusts to improve lighting within the facilities and also to have gained so much widespread recognition for its TiLite solution and its benefits within a healthcare setting.

“With the new LED lighting system from Waveguide we have made significant savings to our energy bills and of course those savings will be ploughed back into clinical care. This new lighting system from Waveguide has really made a difference to patients too. It has created a much better atmosphere for our patients and staff. Even light and less flicker is a huge improvement for those patients with sight problems.” Moses Warburton, Redevelopment Manager, North West Devon Hospital Trust

“Trusts are always seeking ways to free up money for clinical care and the battle against superbugs is continuous. Waveguide Lighting seems to be in possession of a product that can help the NHS on both these fronts. I am extremely proud that Waveguide Lighting has designed, developed and manufactured this unique LED technology in the NorthWest and its healthcare application poses a massive opportunity for the company and the NHS.” Andy Burnham MP, Shadow Health Minister

“Waveguide does a lot more than just manufacturer LED lighting. It aims to provide the best lit environment possible and cut energy bills. Its innovative lighting solution for the NHS is particularly brilliant. Called the TiLite, the unit is sealed to prevent bacteria and dead bugs from collecting round the light and spreading germs. Energy costs are cut by 80% and the TiLite requires no maintenance. Waveguide has taken lighting into a new era.” Chariman of the Judges, Best Business Awards 2014

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