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Providing clean bright LED lighting to the leisure industry.

Good Lighting is paramount in most sports and leisure facilities – not only to brighten the environment but perhaps the prospects of our aspiring sports stars.

Waveguide Lighting is able to offer a comprehensive range of leisure LED lighting systems for most settings – whether internal or external, or low or high bay.

Our LED technology provides the highest quality of uniformly distributed light and achieves 70-80% savings on lighting costs – slashing CO2 emissions by the equivalent amount.

Due to its efficiency our patented LED technology provides high light output in a safe and efficient manner and is also extremely low maintenance – providing a guaranteed minimum lifetime of 60,000 hours. This can prove to be a major benefit for installations above swimming pools, sports courts and indoor ski slopes.

The lack of heat given off by LED lighting allows further energy savings to be made through reduced use of air conditioning systems. The lack of heat is also an additional benefit to your leisure participants – particularly in a fitness setting.

All our LED Lighting meets occupation health standards and unlike Fluorescent fittings has no flicker or hum. PIR sensors and other intelligent controls are available to help make even further energy savings – which should keep the Local Authority accountants happy.

Please email sales@waveguideligting.co.uk or call our Sales Team on 01942 887400 for further information on our leisure LED lighting systems.