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Energy saving office LED lighting systems that improves the working environment.

Our patented LED technology provides the highest quality uniformly distributed light to create the closest light to natural daylight indoors. What’s more, as our office LED lighting does not flicker or hum it meets occupational health standards and contributes to a greater feeling of wellbeing amongst staff.

The latest in human-centric lighting research suggests that higher lux levels can improve employee’s concentration, which means that PIR sensors and dimming controls can be added to the lighting scheme to not only conserve energy, but amend light levels to suit different times of the day.

We have internal and external LED light fittings to replace fluorescents, halogens and metal halides at ceiling heights from 2.5 to 20 metres.

Our team of experts can even design our LED luminaires in line with your company’s corporate branding for reception, meeting rooms and other spaces.

We typically achieve up to 80% savings on lighting costs in all our LED office installations and slash Co2 emissions by the equivalent amount. Given that lighting accounts for around 40% of the energy costs of any office building, these savings have the potential to have a real impact on your business expenses.

The lack of heat produced by LED lighting allows further energy savings to be made through reduced use of air conditioning systems.

The lighting system is also extremely low maintenance and will run for a minimum of 60,000 hours of continuous use.

Please email sales@waveguideligting.co.uk or call our Sales Team on 01942 887400 for further information on our Office LED Lighting systems.