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Providing energy saving LED Street lighting for every outdoor application.

Waveguide Lighting has a range of LED street lighting solutions for outdoor applications that meet LG4 and LG6 standards.

Our award-winning luminaires are suitable for most outdoor applications including: flood lighting; street lighting; external car parks; subways; walkways and tunnels and typically achieve 70-80% energy savings in each application.

Not only do our installations look fantastic but the quality of the LED light also improves safety and security by eradicating pockets of darkness and making CCTV footage clearer.

Our LED streetlights achieve S5 and S6 urban street lighting standards and  we are able to achieve S4 with a 45watt fitting.

All our outdoor solutions can be fitted with a variety of intelligent controls such as Timers, PIR sensors, Photocells and dimmers that can dim down to 25%.

We offer standard retrofit options or our team of experts are able to offer a variety of solutions depending on height, lux levels and individual application requirements.

Please email sales@waveguideligting.co.uk or call our Sales Team on 01942 887400 for further information on our Outdoor LED Street Lighting.