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North Devon Hospital’s Trust

Waveguide Lighting helps slash hospital infection rates with new lighting.

The Challenge:

Light colour and uniformity is vital in a health care setting for the purposes of examining patients and also for patient comfort and safety. Lighting accounts for a significant proportion of a hospital’s energy usage. At a time when the Government has set the NHS tough targets to reduce Co2 emissions, more energy efficient lighting is vital in saving money and reducing a Trust’s carbon footprint.

In addition, infection control is a crucial consideration. Changing light bulbs or fluorescent fittings means warm dust particles are released into the atmosphere.

Our Solution:

At North Devon Hospital’s Trust (NDHT) we installed TiLite 20watt fittings into the corridors and reception areas and the TiLite 30watt into wards – replacing 72watt fittings throughout. The new lighting installation has reduced the hospital’s overall carbon emissions by 354 Tonnes and saved 94, 866 KW/H and with the integration of dimmers energy savings have exceeded 75%.

The TiLite provides high colour rendering of 4000 Kelvin – precisely the colour the NHS requires to provide perfect light quality for examining patients or the cleanliness of the facilities. Waveguide Lighting’s TiLite product is maintenance free during its seven year life span (operating at 24 hours per day). It has no flicker, no hum, emits no UV or static and eradicates dust build-up. The installation created a more pleasant and healing environment where patients and staff are in control of ward lighting levels.


“With the new lighting system we have made significant savings to our energy bills. This new lighting system from Waveguide has really made a difference to patients too. It has created a much better atmosphere for our patients and staff. Even light and less flicker is a huge improvement for those patients with sight problems. It is vital lighting units are designed to minimise hospital infection and the maintenance free aspect assists us in delivering better maintenance services with faster reaction times to the whole hospital.“  Moses Warburton, re-development manager of NDHT

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