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Street Lights

Waveguide’s award-winning LED street lighting is helping UK Councils reduce their energy costs and slash Co2 emissions

The Challenge

Like many Councils across the UK, Cheshire West and Chester Council is committed to ensuring that the streets within its jurisdiction are safe and well maintained.

The Council’s street lights play a key part in its street maintenance agenda, and switching to LED lighting was part of a forward-thinking environmental strategy to improve light levels in residential areas, whilst ultimately reducing associated energy costs and Co2 emissions.

The high quality light uniformity and high colour rendering provided has improved the feeling of safety and security on the street by eradicating pockets of darkness, with minimal glare for residents. The high colour rendering also makes cars and objects easier to identify and CCTV footage is much clearer.

Thanks to Waveguide’s award-winning technology, the StreetLite Series can deliver a range of beam angles, creating a well-lit environment outside whilst ensuring the light does not shine into the windows of nearby properties. Waveguide’s StreetLites have been expertly designed to provide Street Standard Lighting (S1 to S6). The luminaires are best suited to heights of between 4-9 metres and provide an ideal solution for street lighting, walkways and perimeter applications.

As with all of Waveguide’s LED luminaires, there are no additional costs or disruption caused by maintenance issues during the product’s lifetime of 110,000 hours. Plus energy costs can be further reduced by incorporating intelligent controls such as ambient sensors and dimmers.

Our Solution

As one of the first Council’s within the UK to install Waveguide’s revolutionary new Arc and Vectra SL20 LED StreetLites, overall lighting energy consumption has been cut by up to 60% across three residential areas in Cheshire West and Chester.

Waveguide Lighting’s LED StreetLites replaced 70w (without ballast) sodium lights. In this case the Arc and Vectra SL20 luminaires are just 29w (including ballast) and have an IP rating of 67.

The StreetLites were fitted on a one-for-one basis on six metre high poles spaced between 30-50 metres and provide a lighting scheme to S6 – the specified lighting class for residential roads, foot or cycle paths with low-high traffic flow.


A spokesperson from Cheshire West and Chester Council’s Street Lighting and Traffic Control Team, said:

“Our long term plans have always been to develop a modern street lighting network that uses energy saving technology. The Council instructed Waveguide Lighting to design an LED fitting which would improve light levels and reduce on-going energy costs associated with the pre-existing street lighting solution. The new lighting has been a great success – residents have commented on how it has enhanced the feeling of safety and security within their area. We are delighted with Waveguide’s street light installation and it will benefit the Cheshire West and Chester community by significantly reducing light pollution and carbon emissions.”

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