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Document management company Synertec saves 80% on lighting energy costs thanks to Waveguide

The Challenge
Synertec, a leading document management company, needed to reduce its lighting energy consumption and maintain high quality light levels in all three of its UK sites.

Switching to LED lighting was part of the forward-thinking company’s strategy to improve light levels at its Warrington, St Albans and Bristol sites, whilst ultimately reducing associated energy costs and Co2.

Synertec work with its customers to streamline document archiving and distribution processes, so it was essential to have high quality light uniformity and colour rendering to ensure accurate document checks can be made by Synertec’s staff.

Our Solution
As one of the first organisations within the UK to install Waveguide’s revolutionary new LightStar LED luminaire, overall lighting energy consumption has been cut by 80% across all three Synertec sites, providing a staggering lifetime saving of £509,000 and a 1,921Tonne reduction in Co2.

The LightStar 204 and 205 luminaires replaced 142 400w (without ballast) Metal Halides. The LightStar 204 specified at Synertec is just 85w (inclusive of ballast) and the LightStar 205 is just 120w (including ballast).

Waveguide Lighting’s LightStar is also incredibly versatile – allowing Synertec to select from a range of wattages (15 to 121w) to deliver between 100 to 123 lumens per circuit watt and providing a total lumen output of between 1845 and 12100. With a bespoke scheme designed by the expert team at Waveguide, Lux levels in all areas of each facility were improved, with the LightStar product delivering 500 lux to Synertec’s machines, 400 lux to the floor and 200 lux to the shelves.

Combining this high performance with un-rivalled light distribution from the luminaire enabled Waveguide to install fewer fittings, creating a multiplier effect in terms of energy savings and payback periods for Synertec.

The fitting’s 66,000 hour minimum life span means that there is no need for regular maintenance and this lifespan can further be increased to a minimum of 109,000 hours if the driver is replaced at 66,000 hour point.

“Waveguide handled the proposal and installation process with great detail and efficiency.

“We reviewed several luminaires and the Waveguide product came out on top with fastest payback and best long term savings – whilst also not being over the top on capital cost.“As promised we have had no maintenance issues – which is a vast improvement on the previous luminaires, saving further money in maintenance costs.

“We are very happy with the lighting. It has cut our costs dramatically whilst also increasing the quality of the light we have in all of our production sites. “All our staff are extremely pleased with the results.”
Tom Baldock, project and facilities manager, Synertec

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