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Tyco – Scott Safety

Scott Safety to cut its lighting energy consumption by 81%

The Challenge:

With thousands of people depending on Scott Safety products to protect them in high risk environments, it was imperative that light output, light quality and uniformity were high quality so as to aid precision working. Scott Safety required all the existing T5 fluorescent fittings in both the Warehouse and on the Shop Floor to be replaced with an energy saving alternative. They also wanted to utilise the natural daylight from sky lights to further energy savings through the integration of intelligent controls. Additionally, Scott Safety wanted to enhance the working environment for their staff.

Our Solution:

Waveguide’s team of lighting experts designed a bespoke precision lighting solution, which saw a total of 281 Waveguide lighting LED luminaires with 23 sensors installed. This included 113 award winning High Bay TiLite 70 fitting (82 watts including ballast) and nine TiLite 30/120 (45 watts including ballast) installed above the shop floor and 46 Oval High Bay 150watt fittings in the warehouse. This reduced annual lighting energy consumption from 263,907kW/h (annual cost of £26,391) to just 51,730Kw/H. Annual energy bills have therefore been reduced to just £5,173. Waveguide Lighting’s TiLites were chosen that supplied 80CRI and 4000 kelvin colour temperature. This combination is proved to significantly enhance the working environment which will also aid precision working and contribute to a greater feeling of wellbeing amongst the staff.

Through their low-energy LED Luminaires Waveguide Lighting was also able to achieve a reduction in Co2 production of 84% in the Shop Floor area and 64% for the Warehouse. This equates to product lifetime Co2 savings of 2,003 Tonnes (115 Tonnes per year). Because of the high quality sky lights in the factory ambient day light sensors were also installed so that during day light hours the fittings will burn at a fraction of their total output thus maximising energy savings further. PIR sensors were also installed in the Warehouse. At current operating hours the fittings offer a useful lifetime of 16 and 25 years for the Shop Floor and Warehouse respectively. Throughout life they require no maintenance saving Scott Safety a further £51,905 in maintenance costs during product lifetime. This takes overall lifetime savings for this project to £419,953.


“Lighting is a significant part of us achieving our carbon footprint reduction goals. When we set out on this project we wanted to find solutions that not only improved light quality but also significantly reduced our energy consumption. “Waveguide Lighting has been able to offer a solution that ticks these boxes. Not only are we seeing real cost savings on our energy bills but the light colour, output and uniformity is superb and our staff are benefiting from the improved lighting.” Pete Osborne, Production Engineering and Facilities Manager for Scott Safety

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