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Vickers Laboratories

Chemical manufacturer Vickers Laboratories reduces lighting energy consumption by 73% thanks to new LED solution from Waveguide Lighting

The Challenge
Vickers Laboratories Ltd is a chemical manufacturing facility that can name world-renowned film, TV and theatre production companies as some of its clients.

Vickers Labs also produces the monomer used in the manufacturing process of the latest generation of Silicone-hydrogel contact lenses, sold under the OPTOMER® brand.

Due to increasing demands for their cutting edge products, lab bosses needed to increase their capacity by designing a purpose-built manufacturing facility adjacent to the existing site.

High quality light uniformity and high colour rendering was a key consideration in the design of the new lab to ensure that staff at Vickers Laboratories could create their products and carry out true colour inspection within a well-lit environment. The cleanliness of the light fitting was also an essential requirement given the nature of the medical products created within the lab.

Our Solution
Waveguide Lighting installed its LightStar 202 LED luminaires in the brand new laboratory, reducing overall lighting energy consumption in the area, providing a lifetime saving of £8,333 and a 22Tonne reduction in Co2.

At the same time Lux levels in the lab were improved, with the LightStar product delivering 500 lux to the equipment and work spaces.

The LightStar 202 (Diffused) specified at Vickers Laboratories is just 43w (inclusive of ballast). The light engine can also be driven at a range of wattages to increase or decrease light levels.

Waveguide’s sealed LED lighting units have been designed to stop dust and insects from gathering around warm light fittings, ensuring the laboratory area is kept as clean as possible – an essential requirement for the production of material for medical devices like contact lenses.

The fitting’s 60,000 hour minimum life span means that there is no need for regular maintenance and bulb replacement, which again stops dust from being distributed into the atmosphere. The lifespan can further be increased to a minimum of 109,000 hours if the driver is replaced at the 60,000 hour point.

In addition, Waveguide’s installation included two occupancy sensors, further maximising on lighting energy savings when members of staff are not working in the lab.

“Vickers Laboratories Ltd manufactures production chemicals for some of the biggest pharmaceutical and contact lens companies in the world, so quality assurance is absolutely essential.

“Complicated chemical processes are required to take place to create these products and so it is imperative that light quality and light uniformity is at the highest standard possible for our precision working.

“We knew that we needed to source lighting that would not only cut our lighting costs, provide a short payback period and offer long-term energy savings, but wasn’t over-the-top on capital cost.

“Waveguide handled the proposal and installation process with great detail and efficiency. We are delighted with the results.”
Steve Foster, managing director, Vickers Laboratories Ltd

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